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Time for another weekly update with super fancy Instagram pictures! Really surprised I've been mostly keeping up with the photo a day challenge.

workroom shelves

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sleeping cat
It has been pretty hot here this past week in Southern California.  I think Hazel is doing a good job of summing up how we've been feeling. It is really hard to motivate yourself to do much when you want to exert as little energy as possible.

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squshies sneak peek
The other day on the Squshies Facebook page I mentioned we've got 2 secret projects in the works. They're both going to be projects that take quite some time to complete but we figured now is as good a time as any to start sharing them. 

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felt dog sewing
Another week of making felt animals! This week was all about working on new critters. I had a bunch of animals that I cut out before Christmas that I just finished up sewing this week! The dog above was one of the animals I cut out over the holidays. He should be in the shop sometime soon, once his photos are edited and his story is written.

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Time for another week in review! This week I was working on some some new critters.  Here is a sneak peek of one of the new animals coming to the shop soon. I forgot to take good pictures of what I was working on most of the week but did you know Squshies is on Instagram? It's true! I often take quick pictures of what I'm working on with the iPod since I'm often listening to audio books while I'm working.

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