Week of Felt Animal Making!

felt dog sewing
Another week of making felt animals! This week was all about working on new critters. I had a bunch of animals that I cut out before Christmas that I just finished up sewing this week! The dog above was one of the animals I cut out over the holidays. He should be in the shop sometime soon, once his photos are edited and his story is written.
felt animal sewing
This week a whole bunch of new felt animals were cut out too. Quite a few new dog breeds and a couple other animals. Above is a new animal I'll hopefully finish sewing this week.
animal sketches
I was also pretty bad about taking photos this week. I'd work on something, clean up my mess and then remember I was going to take a picture. I do have a couple Instagram photos though! I worked on some doodles for potential new Squshies. It takes a while for a critter to make it from a doodle to felt so it will be a while before any of these doodles will be available. 
Embroidery Hoop
I've also got some new hoops set up and ready to go! I'm hoping to work on these today. Any guesses who might be ending up on these hoops?
 cat on chair
And of course a picture of Hazel! Hanging out in one of her favorite spots, the back of my desk chair. She likes to sit up there and hit me in the back of the head with her tail.
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