Week of Squshies!

Time for another week in review! This week I was working on some some new critters.  Here is a sneak peek of one of the new animals coming to the shop soon. I forgot to take good pictures of what I was working on most of the week but did you know Squshies is on Instagram? It's true! I often take quick pictures of what I'm working on with the iPod since I'm often listening to audio books while I'm working.
This week was all about new critters. I'm about to finish up the last few felt animals I cut out before the holidays but never got a chance to sew. That means time to get new animals on the cutting table! We got a whole pile of patterns printed out and the other day I transferred them to freezer paper for cutting. One day soon I'll be breaking out the piles of felt and the scissors.
Also remember the wall art experiment from last week? We are definitely planning on trying some more. I found a whole bunch of fun clearance fabric this week and we've been working on ideas for new hoops.
And to end of course a picture of Hazel. A week in review just doesn't seem right without a picture of Hazel =)
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