What's Happening In the World of Squshies

Two week recap!  I spent most of last week looking at this...
messy desk
Lots of time at my desk and working on the computer updating listings and restocking most of the Squshies. I'm hoping the new listings make everything easier to read.  I was able to fix a lot of typos too. We also started customizing our Storenvy shop with CSS stuff. Still a work in progress so might be looking wonky for a bit. After updating all the listings, the skinny 3 column set up that is the default was driving me crazy! I also have way too much stuff on my desk.
felt animal containersfelt animals
 plastic storage containersplastic bag storage
I also spent at lot of time counting! I took all my bins of finished felt animals, half finished, and cut felt  pieces and counted all of them. I've got a big fancy spreadsheet to help me keep track of what animal is in what stage and how many of each I have. With so much sewing lately I had a feeling I probably had a few off numbers so before starting on any new animals it was counting time!
plastic chairsuprooted rose bush
The last 2 weeks have also involved a lot of working on the front yard and searching for patio furniture. It gets super hot here in the summer, especially in the house, so we've been wanting a nice place to sit outside. I also love to work outside.  We used to have the plastic chairs you see above to sit in outside, and I'd take out my little portable folding table. But no more! After much work on Jason's part, including relocating a very stubborn rose bush we have...
patio chairpatio table
Fancy new chairs and a nice big table! I'm super excited about this! I started work on a new animal outside at the new table yesterday. It was awesome! Way more comfortable. Since it is under a tree for shade we learned we need an umbrella to keep the tree out of food and what you are working on. My mug of water yesterday was well on its way to being a salad =/
sewing felt armadilloscake
I did do a little sewing last week among all the computing and patio furniture searching. I worked on making some armadillos. Also Jason made a delicious Black Forest Cake. I love cake!
cat with fat lipsleeping cat
Last but not least cat pictures! Hazel managed to give her self a fat lip =/ Sometimes she fails at scratching her chin. Also a picture of her being cute to counter her less than adorable fat lip picture.
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