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Today's Wildlife Wednesday is all about Phoebe and her family and friends! Ready to learn some fun facts about koalas?
felt animal koala

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So busy lately! Mostly just running around doing errands. I haven't had as much time for Squshie stuff as I would like. Still sewing when I get a chance though. Working on some new felt animals and working on restocking some you've already seen.
Yesterday was work on Oscar the Lion. Made a few changes to him. He's got a brown ribbon that goes with his colors a bit better and I made his toes a darker color.  He's waiting with some other Squshies for his new photoshoot  

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I got behind on the blog again. Bad me. Not entirely my bad blogging skills this time. Some last minute cat sitting had me away from home all week so I didn't have my regular computer access. Not having the distraction of the internet though made for a very productive week of sewing. Anyways enough about how I'm terrible at blogging, time for new Squshies!
squshies felt red river hog

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 Finally going to catch the blog up with all the stuff in the shop. We'll see how long that lasts. I'm always so terrible about keeping up with blog posts.
Anyways meet the newest Squshies!
felt lion ornament

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