Felt Animal - Wilhelmina the Platypus

Meet Wilhelmina!
squshies felt animal platypus
Wilhelmina wants to be President of the World. She can relate to so many of the other animals! She understands what it is like to have a beaver tail and a duck bill. She knows all about swimming and hanging out on land. She understands egg laying and her brother and her dad have told her all about what it is like to have venom. Seriously, who can beat that?
For now she has to content herself with being president of the student body, swim club, the debate team, the finance club, art club, chess club, and the junior paleontologist society. She wanted to add a few more but her parents seem intent on crushing her ambitions, telling her she needs to save at least a little time for studying.
Wilhelmina is the 3rd Australian  animal Squshie. There is also Harold the Wombat and Phoebe the Koala.

Now you may be wondering what's up with that thing on the sidebar about a cheetah? Well that's about us trying to raise the funds to have a cheetah at our wedding reception,  in lieu of gifts. We have a lot of friends and family who frequently read this blog, who have also been asking about where to donate. We are hoping that having the link right here on the blog will be helpful to our guests.

The money for the cheetah goes to support the San Diego Zoo's conservation and wildlife protection efforts, which is awesome! Actually all the proceeds from our wedding and reception go to the San Diego Zoo's conservation efforts which is also awesome! It is one reason that we choose the venue and love it so much. Well that and because its awesome!

If you aren't a guest, or don't know who we are, but would still like to help us have a cheetah at our wedding feel free to chip in! It will be greatly appreciated and the money does go to a great cause.
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