Red River Hog, Wombat, and Armadillo

I got behind on the blog again. Bad me. Not entirely my bad blogging skills this time. Some last minute cat sitting had me away from home all week so I didn't have my regular computer access. Not having the distraction of the internet though made for a very productive week of sewing. Anyways enough about how I'm terrible at blogging, time for new Squshies!
squshies felt red river hog
This is Boris the Red River Hog.
Boris is a bit of a curmudgeon. You would be too if everyone kept confusing you for a warthog. He is a Red River Hog! He'll have you know that he has neither warts, nor huge ugly tusks, or flatulence problems. Boris would also like to point out that red river hogs are some of the sweetest smelling hogs you will ever find . He is proud of his handsome and dignified red fur. Nothing like the ugly, drab fur of the warthog.**
You really shouldn't bring this subject up at all with Boris. He will go on for hours about the differences between all the different kinds of hogs and how red river hogs are superior in all ways. Other topics you should steer clear of are kids these days and any sort of complaint as Boris can out complain anyone.
**The views and opinions expressed above are those of Boris and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Squshies (we like warthogs and find them adorable, we also find Boris to be a big grump)
felt animal wombat
This is Harold the wombat.

Harold is a bit disgruntled. He works at his local newspaper, but not as a reporter. His job is a movie critic. It really bothers him how no one takes him or his work seriously. He works hard too! Watching movies may sound like an awesome job, but Harold would like everyone to know it isn't all fun and games.

Harold has to admit it can be pretty great when you get to watch good movies. The problem is there are so many awful movies. Think about all the movies you see ads for and you think 'why would anyone want to see that?'. Harold has to watch all of those movies too, and then try to find something nice to say about them. He wants his reviews to be honest, but he also doesn't want to be super mean or negative. It can be a challenge. He is dreading the onslaught of upcoming summer blockbusters.
squshies felt armadillo ornament
This is Nelson the Armadillo.
Nelson thinks it's time. Time to learn how to play chess! Nelson has been playing checkers for years and he has become quite good at it. In fact, no one can remember the last time Nelson lost a game. All his friends and family tell him he should really try another game.
Nelson has always been a little scared of chess. It looks so complicated with all the different pieces! He's determined to give it a try though. He has started his mission in learning this new game by checking out every library book abut chess and is busy reading and taking notes. It might take him a while but he's determined to get his chess skills up to the level of his checkers skills.
The shop is also about to undergo a huge overhaul as we switch all the photos from white backgrounds to colored ones like you see above. Although they won't all be green. Got a few other colors. Just happened that the last 3 Squshie to be  posted were all photographed on the green.  The colored backgrounds seem to better show off the color of the animals and are way more fun than white.
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