Felt Animal - Lion, Koala and Colobus Monkey

 Finally going to catch the blog up with all the stuff in the shop. We'll see how long that lasts. I'm always so terrible about keeping up with blog posts. Anyways meet the newest Squshies!
felt lion ornament
Oscar is a bit self conscious about his mane. It grew in over summer break from school. Now he can't stop worrying about it. Is it fluffy enough? Would it be better if it was all one color? Maybe people won't like him because it isn't perfectly even on all sides! 
He really doesn't want to go back to school in the fall but his mom says he has too. What if he's the only one in his class who's mane has grown in? Or what if his mane is scraggly and ugly compared to everyone else's? What if the none of the girl lions will talk to him now? His mom says he looks very handsome but of course she'd say that! She's his mom!
Felt Koala Ornament
This is Phoebe the Koala.
Phoebe has always loved chemistry. It is so exciting when things explode! Or change colors. Her parents were hoping this would lead her to pursue a career in chemistry or at least some other science. Phoebe is thinking more along the line of fireworks. Some consider Phoebe a dangerous dabbler in explosives but she prefers the term freelance pyrotechnic artist.
Next up is Albert the Colobus Monkey.  The Colobus monkey is my favorite kind of monkey. They have such pretty fur and such grumpy faces. 
felt monkey ornament
Albert is a classically trained Shakespearean actor but he feels that his talents are being underused and unappreciated in roles like villager #3 and background tree. And definitely that one time he didn't even get a role and had to be a theater usher! Albert refuses to let this discourage him though. He treats every role he is given with complete seriousness and respect. 
When he was cast as a tree, he researched for weeks to find the perfect tree to base his performance on and then spent countless hours rehearsing in their presence. Despite being disappointed at not even the tiniest of roles in Oklahoma!, he treated his job as usher as seriously as any part in the play. Albert knows that eventually his dedication to any role he is given, no matter how small, will him land his dream role as lead actor in one of Shakespeare’s classics.
felt cat pinsfelt cat pins
Last but not least there is a new product in the Squshies store...pins! 
So far just a few of the 80's cats are pins but a few more Squshies are lined up for this.
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