Kangaroos and Vacation Reminder

So busy lately! Mostly just running around doing errands. I haven't had as much time for Squshie stuff as I would like. Still sewing when I get a chance though. Working on some new felt animals and working on restocking some you've already seen.
Yesterday was work on Oscar the Lion. Made a few changes to him. He's got a brown ribbon that goes with his colors a bit better and I made his toes a darker color.  He's waiting with some other Squshies for his new photoshoot  
felt animal lion workshop squshies
There are a bunch of critters in the works that I've been working on stories and photos for. Probably only 1 or 2 more will  be posted before we go on vacation. It doesn't seem quite right to show you a new Squshie and then immediately close the shop for weeks. 
We also had one new felt animal this week. Another Australian animal,  Mildred the Kangaroo.
felt animal kangaroo squshies
Mildred loves to knit. It is very convenient for her because she has a handy pouch to store all her supplies. Being a marsupial is awesome! Her current obsession is knitting tail warmers, like legwarmers but for your tail. Mildred has made so many of them, she has decided to go into business selling them.
She hasn't had much luck so far, but her friends assure her things will pick up in the winter. Mildred wants to make sure she has a good selection for everyone so she is hard at work designing tail warmers for all of the different types of animals she knows. She's a little stumped about what to do for echidnas.
Now that I've rambled, its time to sew!
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