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A couple weeks ago I did a review of 2014 and all the fun events and things we did, but I completely forgot to post about 2 of the big projects of last year!

I had to keep one project entirely secret because it was a big surprise gift for a wedding. The other project was also part of the wedding, not quite as secret,  but I didn't want to post about it until after the big day.

I'd spent so much time not talking and sharing both projects that it totally slipped my mind to include them in the recap post. Luckily I had a reminder from the bride, who is long time friend, that I should include them in the recap post. They're big enough to merit their own post though. Ready to see?

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Oliver the Snowy Owl is the star of this week's Wildlife Wednesday post! He is very excited to share all kinds of fun animal facts about snowy owls today.
felt owl ornament

Ready to learn some fun facts? 

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A couple new critters to introduce! 
felt animal ornament seal

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Getting behind on sharing the latest critters here on the blog! We've got a bear and an owl for you today.
felt bear ornament

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I still have one more post about our time away that I need to share, but I'm waiting on some pictures. There were a few other things our time away that I might write about, but one thing especially.
Anyways your here for Squshies so here are the 2 newest critters!
felt animal  orca killer whale squshies

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