New Felt Animal - Barn Owl and Orca

I still have one more post about our time away that I need to share, but I'm waiting on some pictures. There were a few other things our time away that I might write about, but one thing especially.
Anyways your here for Squshies so here are the 2 newest critters!
felt animal  orca killer whale squshies
This is Emmanuel the Orca.
Emmanuel is a Killer Whale. He would rather you call him Manny though. He also rather be referred to as an Orca. He hates the term killer whale. Manny is a health nut and operates an organic food store. He has a few dedicated regulars, but he finds it difficult to get new customers because they are scared of him. Manny hates that he is feared.
Manny really wants others to understand him, as well as his lifestyle of health and eating organic foods so he has decided to write a book. He hopes this will help get his message out there and help others realize that he is not scary at all. Manny also teaches underwater yoga on weekends. 
squshies felt animal bird barn owl
This is Harriett the Barn Owl.
Harriett the owl is a florist. She loves her work but lately she has been getting a bit stressed out by the business side of her flower shop. She has become a bit snappy with customers which is no good at all and she has been having trouble with her pellets which just isn't healthy. 
Her doctor recommended she find a way to relax so she has been studying ikebana flower arrangement. She has also hired an accountant. Harriett is starting to feel much better. She is enjoying her new hobby and the extra time she has by not having to do all the books.
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