Felt Owl And Felt Baby Harp Seal

A couple new critters to introduce! 
felt animal ornament seal
Hamlet the harp seal would like everyone to stop making jokes about him playing the harp. First of all he has heard that joke way too many times and second everyone know he plays the tuba. Also if he hears one more animal say "Tuba, or not tuba, that is the question" his head might explode. Hamlet is a very serious seal, especially about the tuba
He would also like to point out It would be ridiculous for him to play the harp! How would he carry it around?
felt owl ornament
Fredrickson would like everyone to know that he is not a big grump. He just has a natural scowl and that makes him look grumpy all the time. Even when he isn't. If people would just stop judging how he looks and talk to him they'd find that he is quite pleasant. 
Although if you do talk with Fredrickson, don't start up a conversation with him by telling him he should smile more. Actually don't mention how he should smile more at all. That does make him grumpy. He can't help it if his face isn't naturally inclined for happy faces!
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