Custom Squshies - Wedding Cats, Owls and a Whale Watching Mobile

A couple weeks ago I did a review of 2014 and all the fun events and things we did, but I completely forgot to post about 2 of the big projects of last year!

I had to keep one project entirely secret because it was a big surprise gift for a wedding. The other project was also part of the wedding, not quite as secret,  but I didn't want to post about it until after the big day.

I'd spent so much time not talking about or sharing both projects that it totally slipped my mind to include them in the recap post. Luckily I had a reminder from the bride, who is a long time friend, that I should include them in the recap post. They're big enough to merit their own post though. Ready to see?

Plush Cats Bouquets

For the wedding, my friend Christina wanted her cats to be part of the ceremony. Having actual cats at a wedding would be a nightmare so instead the bride and everyone on the bride's side had plush kitties for bouquets.

The black cat on the left is Buford and the black cat on the right is Tas, both based on the bride's cats. The light grey cat is based on the groom's cat Fred. The dark gray cat is my cat Hazel.  Christina and I adopted Tas and Hazel at the same time when we were roommates in college.  Hazel, Tas and Buford were buddies for years so Hazel got to be part of the ceremony too. 

Felt owl boutineers

The groom is a big fan of owls so we made owl boutineers for everyone on his side of the wedding party. The groom got the owlbear and his 3 party members each had an owl. We're missing the snowy owl in this picture.

Hopefully in the future we'll have pictures from the wedding to share with you.

Felt Whale Watching Mobile
The other project for the wedding was a secret gift. We were asked by one of our biggest Squshie supporters to make a super special whale watching mobile for the couple.
Sketches and emails went back and forth for months as we worked on this project in secret. Anytime Christina came to our place to visit, or to work on the cat bouquets, we had to be sure to tuck all evidence of the mobile away so the surprise wouldn't' be ruined. 
Here's a closer look at the different mobile critters -

Dolphin SqushieOctopus Squshie

Sea Gull SqushieOrca Squshie

The mobile ended up being quite big. The the hoop we used was 14 inches in diameter and if I remember correctly the whole thing measured 2.5 feet from top to bottom.

Sea Lion and Buoy Squshie
The mobile had a few familiar Squshies and a few new felt animals we've never made before. 
Humpback Whale Squshie
This whale was big! He ended up being a foot long.  I really loved how the how mobile turned out but I think this guy might be my most favorite part. 

Felt Animal Mobile

Here's another picture of the whole mobile with everyone facing in the same direction.  This was a really challenging, fun and special project to get to be a part of.

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