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I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would be in New Hampshire visiting family and now I'm back! I thought I'd share some pictures from my trip. Please excuse the quality. I didn't think to bring a proper camera and only had my phone.
Lake Winnipesaukee

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Weekly Daily Zoodle Round up! Before the doodles, first some announcements.

Things are going to be a bit quiet here on the blog and the social media front the next few weeks. I'll in NH for 2 weeks to visit family. Soon after that I'm off to San Diego for Comic-Con. With that much traveling and feeling a need for a blogging break, now seems like the perfect time. The shops will still be open. Emails will be responded to. I'm just taking break from a few things for a bit while I travel.

So no blog posts for most of July, except for Wildlife Wednesday. I've got at least the next 2 weeks of Wildlife posts ready to go.

daily zoodle july

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We took a mini-break after Wondercon and went up to Lake Arrowhead for a couple days. We stayed in the cutest little house ever. Isn't it adorable? If possible, it was even cuter on the inside! 

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backyard fish pond
We're back from our week in NH! Wasn't a super eventful trip as we spent most of it at my grandfather's house helping him out with his house and yard projects.  He has a huge yard, with a little pond ...

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I was doing good there for a while actually updating the blog weekly. Oops. I haven't posted in weeks! I did take a few work in progress pictures on the Squshies Instagram.  I'm almost always listening to an audio book while I'm sewing so it is easy to take a quick pic with the Ipod. Guess I'm going to have to do week in review posts with Instagram pictures.
Although the blog has been neglected the last few weeks there has still been a lot of new things with the Squshies!

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