Vacation Recap, Robot Dinosaurs, and a Felt Hydra

backyard fish pond
We're back from our week in NH! Wasn't a super eventful trip as we spent most of it at my grandfather's house helping him out with his house and yard projects.  He has a huge yard, with a little pond ...
backyard pond
...and a big pond. The big pond isn't finished yet. It is still awaiting for all the water pumps and filters it needs to be  ready for fish. 
Right now all the fish live in the little pond.  He has about 30 Shubunkins and Koi in his little pond. Some of the koi are over a foot long. He's going to be moving the koi to the big pond so they can continue to grow.
Since the big pond is currently fish free, tons and tons of tadpoles are living all around the edges. 
hensguinea hens
He has also quite a few hens in his yard.  One of the big projects while we were in NH was to try and make a space in the shed/garden area big enough for the big chickens to move into so he can move his little chicks (not pictured) into this smaller area. 
pond flower
It was really nice to visit home again. This was actually the longest I've even been away from NH. Almost a full 2 years. After living in Southern California it was really nice to be surrounded by so many trees and so much nature. It was also nice to see rain, although I never did get the proper summer thunderstorm I was hoping for. Not a whole lot of rain or thunderstorms where I live now. A bit too much rain though. I think there was only one day that was actually sunny while we were visiting.
t-rex statuetriceratops statue
We did have one non-around the house day. We found out a science center in the area was having a dinosaur exhibit so were went to see it.
robot dinodino robot
How could we resist a chance to see robot dinosaurs?
dino robot

dinosaurs robotrobotic dino
It was a small exhibit but it was pretty cool to see robot dinosaurs.
felt hydrafelt monster hydra
I also hand delivered this custom hydra while in NH. This was fun little monster to make for a really good friend of mine. Apparently this little guy is going to be his D&D group's mascot to commemorate a hydra they fought once that was terrible at being a hydra.
big cat
I also spent a lot of time with my sister, really large cat Booger. This guy is 20 pounds! We started referring to him as The Incredible Bulk. 
The biggest adventure of our trip was actually the flight home. We were at the Denver International Airport during the tornado. It was just about time to start boarding our flight when they announced the tornado warning and everyone in the airport was told to go to the shelters, which happen to be the stairwells and bathroom. Those of us in the stairwells were eventually led to the airport basement. Not a place I ever thought I would see. Quite the airport adventure.

Now that I'm home, time to settle in for a few days before we are gone again for another few days.
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