Announcements and Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 26

Weekly Daily Zoodle Round up! Before the doodles, first some announcements.

Things are going to be a bit quiet here on the blog and the social media front the next few weeks. I'll in NH for 2 weeks to visit family. Soon after that I'm off to San Diego for Comic-Con. With that much traveling and feeling a need for a blogging break, now seems like the perfect time. The shops will still be open. Emails will be responded to. I'm just taking break from a few things for a bit while I travel.

So no blog posts for most of July, except for Wildlife Wednesday. I've got at least the next 2 weeks of Wildlife posts ready to go.

daily zoodle july
This brings me to Daily Zoodle. Our animal and creature doodle challenge will also be on break for the month of July. So many of the participants were going to be away this month or wanted a chance to catch up with last month's doodles that a break seemed the right choice.

The final announcement is about hoop art. We're going to be putting our hoop art in a local shop in Anaheim, hopefully early this month.  We haven't quite decided on which pieces yet, but if you've got your heart set on something, now might be a good time to snag it. That is unless you can make it to A Little Known Shop in Anaheim, which you should visit if you can because it is awesome!

Now on to the doodles!
 manta ray doodle
25. Manta Ray - Little Manta Ray doodle
mary river turtle doodle
26. Mary river turtle - I made bad coloring decisions =/ These turtles are super cool! They have crazy algae growing on their heads. Kind of looks like hair. If you've never seen a picture of one they're definitely worth a googling.

moose doodle
27. Moose - Quick doodle of Humphrey the Moose

grasshopper doodle
28. Grasshopper - Bugs are hard to doodle. Quick grasshopper.

camel doodle
29. Camel - Camel doodle. This guy has been waiting to be made for a while!

mertroll doodle
30. Mermaid - This was supposed to be a mermaid, but I got the silly idea to draw Otis instead. It was too ridiculous to not doodle. He seems concerned about the cake situation under the sea.

See you in August with more doodles!
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