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What do you think of the new website? The blog and gallery all have a new look! We know things have been quiet around here and the main reason has been planning how to make the blog and gallery better.

When we started the website over the summer we moved to WordPress. We thought it would be better for a website since it had so many options. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. We never could get things quite how we wanted them and everything was extra complicated. We've spent months trying to think of how to fix things and we finally decided to go back to blogger.

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I get really excited about storage containers, especially when they come in fun colors.  I rarely find an actual reason to  purchase any so I just look at them longingly knowing I really have no use or space for them.  Yesterday while picking up some things at Target I was finally able to purchase storage containers!  I found a set of awesome  shoe box size containers (clearance too!) which were just perfect for something I've been wanting to better organize for the longest time, the Squshie patterns.
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