I get really excited about storage containers, especially when they come in fun colors.  I rarely find an actual reason to  purchase any so I just look at them longingly knowing I really have no use or space for them.  Yesterday while picking up some things at Target I was finally able to purchase storage containers!  I found a set of awesome  shoe box size containers (clearance too!) which were just perfect for something I've been wanting to better organize for the longest time, the Squshie patterns.

pattern storage

For the longest time my best solution for storing patterns was in the beat up box above. I've hated this set up almost since I've started using it but hadn't I seen a better solution of the limited space we have.  I'd been using pieces of paper folded and then stapled together to hold the pattern pieces in which was also awful. Little bits fell out of the makeshift envelopes all the time or got caught in the sides. Plus the box was way too large so everything was always sliding around.  Drove me crazy!


At some point I go the brilliant idea to use regular envelopes and left over  thank you card envelopes for the pieces since most of the patterns were small enough to fit inside. This was much better than the makeshift envelopes, but the size difference made the disaster of a storage solution above even more of a mess.


Now I have all my patterns in this lovely little plastic box! Isn't it beautiful? I'm ridiculously excited about it. The box is the perfect height for the the thank you card envelopes. Its a little narrow for regular envelopes, but a little angling and they fit fine too. All the critter names are on the left hand corner so I can find them easier instead of all over the place like they were before.

Best of all no stapled together edges! Nothing is falling out of the gaps or getting stuck where it was stapled together. I feel so much more organized. Since the boxes came in a set I was able to also use one to store all my misc supplies and ribbon in much better fashion and I can use the other 3 to store my cut felt pieces waiting to be sewn instead of  constantly stealing plastic containers from the kitchen.  Plus they all stack nicely together so they take up hardly any space at all. Yay!!!

 And since I'm babbling about organizing things that make me super happy have I shared our do it your self whiteboard yet? I love this thing! It was pretty inexpensive and so useful! So much easier for me to keep track of what I need to be working on what stage various projects are in.  It been so much better than scraps of paper or pages of notes and it makes it way easier to move thing from stage to stage. Seeing things move across the board help make me feel accomplished which is a nice bonus.

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