New Year! New Look!

What do you think of the new website? The blog and gallery all have a new look! We know things have been quiet around here and the main reason has been planning how to make the blog and gallery better.

When we started the website over the summer we moved to WordPress. We thought it would be better for a website since it had so many options. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. We never could get things quite how we wanted them and everything was extra complicated. We've spent months trying to think of how to fix things and we finally decided to go back to blogger.

I don't know about everyone else but we are loving the updated site!

felt animal hippofelt rhino ornament
Lots of websites and blogs have done yearly recaps so where is ours? It is coming! We'll be doing our yearly recap in March, to celebrate Beauregard's and Reginald's Birthdays. We consider their birthdays the official start of Squshiedom. We know the Squshies a bit before that, but these 2 critters are where the Squshie really start to come to life and we found our direction.

We have just been working on the site though! The holiday season was amazing and kept us very busy. Look at the awesome milestone we hit on Etsy over the holidays! Thanks so much to everyone who supports the Squshies we couldn't have done it without you.

etsy sales milestone
For the last couple of month we've been working steadily on re-stocking critters. We were running low on many of the Squshies and some we ran out of completely. This is an ongoing process. Slowly but surely all the Squshies are returning to the shops.
studio organzing
We've also spent the first part of the year re-organizing the work room. Above is a before and after shot of one of the corners of the room. Actually the before shot is halfway through me emptying out that corner. Now everything in the studio is much easier to get to. Shelves are way more effective than piles.
We'd love to hear what you think of the new site! Hears to an awesome 2013!
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