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Welcome to Meety Monday! This week we're talking to David and Kelly, the multi-talented duo behind Craftypodes! I met these two fun individuals through the Storenvy community and the Daily Zoodle challenge. Enough from me! Lets get to know this week's makers!

David and Kelly of Craftypodes

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Time for Meety Monday and another artist interview. This week we're going to meet Shawna from Scrawny Girl. I've gotten to know Shawna from the Indie A List community. She makes adorable yet quirky paintings, stickers and prints. Her work is really fun and I'm so excited to have Shawna talking to us on the blog today.
Ready to Meet Shawna?
Shawna of Scrawny Girl
Shawna from Scrawy Girl

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Welcome to Meety Monday! I'm super excited to have Rebekka from Zoobekkacreations on the blog today! Rebekka is an artist I met on Instagram through doing #dailyzoodle. Not only does she make the cutest animal sculptures, but she's also a zookeeper! How awesome is that?
Enough from me! Let's meet Rebekka

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Welcome to Meety Monday! This week we are meeting Lauren from Mohu. Lauren is a fellow animal artist who makes the cutest little crochet animals like the deer below. She also paints adorable watercolors.

deer amigurumi
Mohu - Little Deer amigurumi
Enough from me! Ready to meet Lauren from Mohu?

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Welcome to Meety Monday! Today or artist interview is with Cody from Lu & Ed. Cody makes the cutest storage monster and monster plush and is one of my friends from the Storenvy community.

We collaborated over the holiday season last year to turn her adorable mascot into a felt ornament. There are a couple of these cuties left so if you didn't get one yet, now's your chance!

Gabos  Lu & Ed mascot
Gabos,  Lu & Ed's Mascot
That's enough from me! Let's meet Cody!

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