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San Diego Zoo Safari Park
This was my view on Saturday, 400 feet above the San Diego Zoo Safari Park! 

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feeding a Binturong
We spent the last few days at the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary. We got married at the Safari park so it seemed like the perfect place to celebrate. We also love any reason for a weekend at the zoo.

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hipporock wallaby
A couple week's ago in my recap of a week of Squshies I mentioned going to the San Diego Zoo. Today I finally sat down and started going through all the pictures! Always quite the project because we take a ton of pictures.

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The holiday season has been very busy for us so far! So awesome! Thank you all so much for supporting the Squshies!

With it being so busy though we are starting to run low and in some cases out of some of the crittters.  I'm hoping to restock some of them before it is too late to ship for Christmas, but I won't be able to get to them all =/  Penelope the Manatee is first on my list to restock as she is completely sold out.  After that is Mildred the Kangaroo who is also sold out.

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felt akita ornamentfelt dog ornament
I meant to post about this forever ago! Last week I did an interview about the dog Squshies at Lu and Ed's awesome blog. It is my first interview ever about anything so I'm pretty excited! I ramble about how I stared making Squshies, my favorite animals, and the coolest animals I've met among other things. Go check it out!

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