San Diego Zoo Trip

hipporock wallaby
A couple week's ago in my recap of a week of Squshies I mentioned going to the San Diego Zoo. Today I finally sat down and started going through all the pictures! Always quite the project because we take a ton of pictures.
swimming capybarababy capybara
We went to San Diego for 2 days and spent both days at  the San Diego Zoo. We had absolute perfect weather. Not to cold and not to hot. Makes it a lot less tiring to walk around when it isn't super hot and the animals are a lot more active.
fishing catmountain lion
lion eatingserval
Seriously awesome weather. We got to see just about every cat about up and about or at the very least awake. Anyone who goes to a zoo a lot knows a treat it is to see the cats doing anything but napping. Above we have the fishing cat, mountain lion, African Lion and the Serval. We actually made it to the keeper talk about the lions which was really neat. The lions had been given cow femur bones as a treat that day.
It is also always super awesome to see the serval. A serval was one of the special guests at our wedding at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.
macawmacaw feathers
polar bearokapi
For having our wedding at the zoo we received a membership for the year. San Diego is a bit of a trip so we don't get to visit very often but so far we've made it down there about once every other month for at least a couple days. If we lived closer I bet we go more like weekly. I used to live pretty close to the Denver Zoo and I visited all the time.

Going to the zoo always make me remember all kinds of animal I want to turn into Squshies. Secretary Bird, Striped Hyena, Mishmi Takin and the California Condor would all make cute felt animals right? So many animals, not enough time. This is one reason we've been considering offering patterns. If I spent less time trying to keep every critter in stock,  there would be more time to make new critters.
How about  felt orangutans? Pretty that orangutans are my favorite great ape. Their faces! This trip to the zoo they were up close to the view area. One of the younger ones was being super playful and rolled right in front of the viewing window from one end to the other.
Visayan warty pig
Above is a Visayan warty pig. Pretty nifty right? The hair! The tusks! I think they are quite adorable. 
red panda
red river  hogwombat
We also saw some critters that have already been made in to felt animal ornaments like Xelpho the Red Panda, Boris the Red River Hog and Harold the Wombat.
One of my favorite critters to visit at the San Diego Zoo is  Baba the tree pangolin. You can only see Baba during the keeper talk over in the children's section of the zoo. The tree pangolin and his keeper come out for about 15 minutes for a Q&A session and so Baba can soak up some vitamin D. Baba lives in his own special behind the scenes tropical environment. He's a hard to take care of animal and the zoo only has him because he was rescued from exotic pet black market.
Isn't he neat? Pangolins have super long tongues, super strong tails and their scales feel like fingernails. Their underside is covered with fur.
Honey Badger
We also finally saw this critter, the ratel. You might better know it as the honey badger. We'd try to see this critter on our last trip to the zoo but we couldn't find it. Success at last! 
Anyone else like going to the zoo? Have a favorite zoo? A must see animal at the zoo?
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