Dog Release News and a Cat Story

felt bulldog holiday ornamentfelt dog holiday tree ornament
It is almost time for National Dog Week and the release of the Squshies felt dog ornaments!!! Anybody else super excited?
National Dog Week this year is September 24th-September 28th. The dog ornaments will be available for purchase on Monday, the very first day of National Dog week. You will be able to find in our felt dog collection.
felt labrador tree ornament
Celebrating National Dog Week with a bunch of new felt ornaments isn't enough though! 
September 24th-September 28th, for every Squshie sold, $2 will be donated to MaxFundMaxfund is a No Kill shelter in Denver, Colorado for both dogs and cats. They also provides low cost veterinarian care.  Why Maxfund? I picked this shelter because its the shelter that introduced me to my cat Hazel.
tabby cat
She's basically the best cat ever. I'm a bit biased, but I have had other cat owners tell me she's the best cat ever too.  I met Hazel because MaxFund was holding an adoption event at a local PetSmart when I lived in Denver. I had gone to look into maybe getting a pet rat. I wanted an animal friend, but with school and work  I wasn't sure I could handle something much more than a rodent.
As I walked through the entrance, a cat meowed at me.  It was Hazel. I fell in love instantly. Not only was she adorable, but her meow had so much character! She wasn't a very big cat at the time, but she had a loud commanding sound. It almost sounded like she'd been smoking her whole life. Not a squeaky or high pitched sound like a typical cat. In fact her meow sounds down right cranky, often more like she's quacking than meowing. I loved this cat. I wanted to adopt this cat.
cat couch
I immediately went home and tried to figure out if I could have this cat. Did I have the money to properly care for her? The time?  After spending the weekend thinking about this cat I realized I could do it. I could adopt this cat and really, really wanted to!  As soon as I could I went to the shelter to go see Hazel again.  I couldn't find her anywhere!  I was devastated.  I hate to ask people to help me find things and usually avoid doing so but for once I asked for help. I couldn't give up finding her until I ran out of ways to look. Good thing I did! She was still there, just back in a quarantine area because she had a bit of cold.

I filled out the adoption application and nervously awaited the response. This was my first time adopting an animal. This would be the first time I had a pet of my own, not a family pet. I was so worried I'd get denied. I didn't get denied though.  Hazel has been my feline friend since 2004 and deciding to rescue her was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
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