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Hamlet the Baby Harp Seal

Hamlet the Baby Harp Seal

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Hamlet the harp seal would like everyone to stop making jokes about him playing the harp. First of all he has heard that joke way too many times and second everyone knows he plays the tuba. Also if he hears one more animal say "Tuba, or not tuba, that is the question" his head might explode. Hamlet is a very serious seal, especially about the tuba.

He would also like to point out It would be ridiculous for him to play the harp! How would he carry it around?

▪ Hand cut eco-fi polyester felt and hand stitched
▪ White ribbon securely stitched inside allows for easy hanging
▪ Stuffed with polyester fiberfill
▪ Approximately 3 inches (7.62 cm) tall and 4.5 inches (11.43 cm) wide

▪ Not a toy for young children or animals. This is a decorative item.

Every Squshie is cut and sewn by hand so there may be slight variations in stitching and placement from the picture.
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Fun Little Beast Features


All of our ornaments are handmade by our team of 2!


More than 100 diffrent animals to choose from!

Fun and Detailed Designs

We love details! We love to show off what markings and features that make each animal special.

Bright and colorful

We use layers eco-fi felt to make all of our animals!

Not a toy

This is not a toy for young children or animals. This is a decorative item.

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