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Christmas Lights - 30 Assorted Pre-cut Shapes

Christmas Lights - 30 Assorted Pre-cut Shapes

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30 Picece Set

Our felt shapes are good sized. Except for sets made of very narrow shapes, you can easily make 2 banners that measure between 5.5 - 6 feet depending on how you space your shapes.

Themed shapes and colors

We've carefullly choosen shapes and colors that go well together for a well coordinated set of shapes

Ribbon Not Included

This listing is only for the felt shapes. The ribbon is not included.

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Want a festive Christmas light banner but don't want to have to decide on colors or shapes? Then this set is for you!

This set includes 30 pre-cut felt shapes. All you need is some hot glue and ribbon to assemble your own. Shapes can also be strung together with thread.

 This listing is only for the felt shapes. The ribbon is not included.

With these 30 shapes you can make about an 8 foot garland, if you use all the shapes and leave about 1.5 inches of space between shapes. You can also be more generous with your spacing, like a traditional Christmas light strand, and make 2 garlands measuring about 6 feet.

You will receive 3 Christmas Light Shapes in each of the following colors:

  • Red
  • Candy Pink
  • Fuchsia
  • Yellow
  • Neon Green
  • Apple Green
  • Brilliant Blue
  • Neon Blue
  • Peacock
  • Lilac

Christmas Lights shapes measure 3.5 inches (7.62 cm) tall and 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) wide 

 This listing is only for the felt shapes. The ribbon is not included.

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