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We've made a new addition to the shop lately, our felt animals as prints! 
Hot Air Balloon Adventure Print
We've been experimenting with making bigger and more elaborate pieces. The  hot air balloon print with Reginald and Beauregard, pictured above, is from a shadowbox we recently made. The image in the shadowbox was made just like all of our ornaments. Every piece was hand cut and  then hand stitched. You may have spotted it on our recent tables at Wondercon and the Long Beach Patchwork show.  

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Oliver the Snowy Owl is the star of this week's Wildlife Wednesday post! He is very excited to share all kinds of fun animal facts about snowy owls today.
felt owl ornament

Ready to learn some fun facts? 

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Our first show of the year starts tomorrow! We'll be at Wondercon, in Artist's Alley table 280, at the Anaheim Convention Center April l8th-20th. If you've been following us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook you have may have seen some of the fun new pieces we've been working on. All of these will be available for the first time this weekend at Wondercon.
Secretary Bird Hoop Art

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Today we're talking about cassowaries! The cassowary was one of  last week's #dailyzoodle prompts and I realized a lot of people didn't know much about them. That means a perfect animal for Wildlife Wednesday!
The cassowary is one of my most favorite birds. Ready to learn some interesting facts about them?

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San Diego Zoo Safari Park
This was my view on Saturday, 400 feet above the San Diego Zoo Safari Park! 

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