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Had a bunch of leftover butternut squash to use up. Ravioli was suggested, which sounded pretty awesome. However, I was distracted by the fact that pastry dough comes in tubes and sits right next to the cream cheese.So the squash gets whipped together with the cheese and some honey and rolled up in dough. I was unable to take a picture of the final product due to them being inside people's stomachs before i could turn the camera back on.P.S. leftover squash-cheese mix. Spread it on EVERYTHING!

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Not really a pie, but when the first batch I made of this recipe "the-best-oatmeal-cookies" turned out super dry and crispy, I decided to put the rest in a pie dish and this is what I got. Turned out soft and crumbly.

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I am not a baker, I stand on the shoulders of actual bakers and mess up their recipes. Tonight I have made a mess and a cake, but more importantly I made a girl smile. You can do the same if you know a girl that likes cake.

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