Insane late night baking

I am not a baker, I stand on the shoulders of actual bakers and mess up their recipes. Tonight I have made a mess and a cake, but more importantly I made a girl smile. You can do the same if you know a girl that likes cake.

Dark chocolate and sea salt cake:

  • flour, 1&1/2 cups
  • baking soda 1 tsp
  • baking powder 1/4 tsp
  • cocoa powder 1 cup
  • cinnamon 2 or 3 tsp
  • hot water 1 cup
  • butter 1 stick (1/2cup)
  • sugar 1 cup
  • eggs 2
  • vanilla 1 tsp
As I mentioned I borrowed measurements and methods from other cakes. Here's how it worked out.
I made 3 bowls; one of flour soda and powder, one of cocoa cinnamon and water, one of butter sugar and eggs.
The first one you sift, the second one you stir, and I was definitely not going to cream butter with a hand whisk, so that one went in the microwave.
Eggs were added after the butter/sugar was liquid, then vanilla cuz you can't bake anything without it.
Poured the first 2 bowls into the last one, a bit at a time, then it all goes in a buttered 9 inch cake pan and sprinkle the top with coarse sea salt because that's how she likes it. Throw it in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes and it's cake time!
Actually you gotta let it cool a bit to get it out of the pan ok. The absurd amount of cocoa worked fine but the cinnamon had no effect. 
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