Squshies is now Little World of Beasts

Squshies is now Little World of Beasts!

It's a big change but one we're super excited to have made. It's been in the works for years.

Why the change? Put simply the name 'Squshies' name has become problematic over the years.

It was hard to pronounce. It was hard to spell and was constantly being auto-corrected. It also stopped making a whole of sense.

The name Squshies came from the combination of the words “square” and “plushie”. Our felt animals started with very boxy and square designs. It was a fun challenge at first but as our little world of critters grew, we began to transition further and further away from the square designs. What started as a fun challenge had become more of a joyless limitation.

We really love the name Squshies, despite all the problems we had with it. The decision to move away from Squshies has not been done lightly. We've been trying to find a new name for probably close to 5 years! We've thrown out countless name ideas over the years. A couple of ideas had potential, but they just didn't stick.

Until Little World of Beasts.

We feel that Little World of Beasts still has the sense of fun and cuteness Squshies did. We love how it doesn't focus on any particular medium, opening up a world of possibilities. It's a tad long, but all easy to spell real words that won't autocorrect! We feel like we couldn't possibly sum up what we do any better than we have with this name.

We hope you like this change as much as we do =)

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