Wildlife Wednesday - Fennec Fox

Today's Wildlife Wednesday animal is a critter that is number one at a couple things!
Fennec Fox Sketch
The Fennec Fox takes the prize for smallest member of the Canid family and smallest fox in the world. The Fennec Fox weighs in at about 2-3 pounds and they only measure about a foot long. 
Their bodies might be small, but their ears are huge! The ears of a fennec fox can measure half the length of their body making them the winner for biggest ears in relation to body size among canids.
Having giant ears is super useful for life in the heat of the desert. Their big ears help them dissipate heat and regulate their body temperature. They also are great for hearing and help them find prey underground. 
Fennec Fox
Three More Fun Fennec Fox Facts
1. The soles of their feet are hairy. The hair protects them from the extreme desert temperatures and helps prevent slipping as they travel across loose sand.
2. Fennec foxes mate for life and live in family groups of up to 10 members. 
3. Fennec foxes can go without water for an indefinite period of time.  They get the liquid they need from the fruits, animals and plants they eat. 
Fennec Fox
What do you think of the fennec fox? What is your favorite type of fox?
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