Squshies Studio Makeover

Hazel the Tabby

It is the middle of the holiday season and as usual I get an over whelming urge to re-do our work space. Normally that involves rearranging a few things, maybe adding a new shelf or storage solution. This time the studio re-do has been a lot more intense as we have swapped rooms! I'm super excited about the change, but it has been a confusing week for Hazel. Anyways, before I get to the reveal let's take a look at how it used to be...


The old workroom only had one window so most of the day it was pretty dark.

The old room was also smaller. We had room for 2 book shelves  and they were packed full, except for the space we use for photos, which often filled up with things. 

The desk area was ok, but never the most comfortable. Also piles under the desk, on the desk, and next to the desk.

The room was so dark except right by the window and super crowded and full of stuff. It got very frustrating to work in. The little black folding table was usually the only clear work surface, and usually only after making a pile somewhere else. 

There is a spare room in the house, one that gets used about once a year during the holidays. The rest of the time it just randomly collects more and more stuff that doesn't make it out to the garage. Wasted space and clutter. Every year, right before Christmas, the spare room needs to be cleaned enough to make it habitable for a couple weeks. This year instead of just making it somewhat usable we cleaned it out and got the go ahead to swap it with our old work room. The old workroom will now become a proper guest room with some organized storage. The old spare room will now be the Squshies space, bigger and with more light. 

Ready to see how it looks?

Squshies Workroom

Look how bright the new room is with 2 windows! It feels so nice to have more natural light in the studio. With the room being bigger we can break out the folding table we take to events. It is perfect for doing puzzles, playing board games or just having an extra sturdy work surface for big projects.

Squshies Studio Computer Station

We also got a new desk. It is smaller, but much more comfortable to use. It also frees up more space in the room with out so much desk. 

Squshies Studio shelving

Instead of just room for 2 bookshelves, we have room for 4! We have also have lots of great spaces just the right size for plastic storage drawers for anything that doesn't sit on shelf well, like yarn.

Things are still a bit disorganized on the shelves as I try and figure out the best configuration. Plenty of room for everything to have its own proper place. 

The power situation in this room also works better for lighting. We've got a bunch lights like the ones for our photo box that we were able to spread throughout the room for great lighting at night.

Drawing and Paint Station

We've also added a fancy new area just for painting and drawing. I've wanted to paint more, but the old set up made it difficult. The only good surface in the old room was the easily knocked over folding tables. It is exciting to have a special and stable space for paint projects. 

Hopefully this new and more comfortable work space will result in lots of fun new Squshies things in the new year. 

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