Squshify my Pet - Sketch Revision

Squshify mY Pet - Original Sketch
Our first step in making a custom order is creating a sketch based on the information and photo provided in the custom order request. Once we have a sketch we send it for feedback and review. 
In our last post about our custom order process, we showed you all 3 of the sketches we did for the winning pets. We also emailed the winners their sketch for feedback. Two out of the three sketches were approved.
For our 3rd place winner's sketch we got this feedback :

"That is so adorable! :) Is there a way to make small V notch in her right ear (BLUE EYE side) and to make the end of her left ear flop forward? That is part of her normal look to add to her uniqueness. "

 This is the kind of feedback we love getting back! It is clear and precise. It lets us know exactly what we need to do improve the sketch. We are always happy to make changes to the sketch, as long at is something we can then do within the limits of felt.

Squshify My Pet - 3rd Place Sketch Revision
Here's our updated sketch! Making the changes to the ears are something we can do with felt.  This sketch was approved. 
Since all of our winners are getting special prints of their winning dog we fancied the sketches up and sent them off to be printed much nicer that we could ever print on our home printer.
Now the examples we've been discussing have all been winners in a contest so there has been no talk of price, or cost, or listing. If this was an actual custom order, this would be the point in time were we discuss those things, when the sketch is finalized.
Our prices are based on the complexity of what we are making. We don't give prices until a sketch is final and everyone is agreed on it. If we make a sketch, give a price, and then lots of changes are made to the sketch and the final item becomes more complex to make ... the price changes. That;s why we won't give a price until we know exactly what we are going to be making.

Once the sketch is final and agreed upon and price has been discussed and agreed upon we set up a custom listing for your order. Once custom listings are purchased we get started on them right away. Custom listings usually take 1-2 week before they are ready to ship. Before we set up a listing we always let you know what our expected turn around time for custom orders currently is.

We hope this helps make our custom order process more clear. Feel free to ask any questions you still might have about custom orders! Next we'll be sharing what the grand prize winner's ornament looked like! We'll be waiting until our winner receives it before sharing here.

Want to see what the final ornament looked like for our contest winner? You can all the images of the contest winner's prizes here

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