New Felt Animal and Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 25

It is weekly animal doodle round up time. Before we get to the doodles I wanted to introduce you all to the newest Squshie!

felt animal ornament
Meet Quigley the Possum! Quigley is a tree surgeon. That is to say he’s a professional arborist, taking care of the health and well-being of his neighborhood trees. You can find out more about Quigley here.

Now on to the doodles!

18.  and 19. Horned Lizard and Squirrel - Some attempts at horned lizards for one day's doodle and a quick squirrel and very tiny squirrel doodle for another day's.

honey badger doodle
20. Honey Badger  - Pumpkin the Honey Badger trying on a hat

meerkat doodle
21. Meerkat - Little doodle of Nathaniel the Meerkat

Rhinoceros beetle doodle
22. Rhinoceros beetle - Quick doodle of a Rhinoceros beetle.

hippocampus doodle
23. Hippocampus (mythic) -Doodle of a hippocampus. This was a rough week doodlewise but I did like how this one turned out.

California Condor doodle

24. California Condor - Quick California Condor doodle. California Condors are one of my most favorite birds. We spent a lot of time visiting them this past weekend at the San Diego Zoo.


daily zoodle july
We've only got a few doodles left for June! What are your thoughts for next month? Are there changes we should make? Should we take a little break since it is summer? Participation has really dropped off this month. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!
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