Mini-Break in Lake Arrowhead

We took a mini-break after Wondercon and went up to Lake Arrowhead for a couple days. We stayed in the cutest little house ever. Isn't it adorable? If possible, it was even cuter on the inside! 
Everything was adorable and rustic and just perfect. I wanted to stay forever. I took a bunch of pictures because everything was just too cute! 

There was even a cute little loft, perfect for reading. Or almost taking a nap in my case because it was so peaceful and quiet.

Even the power outlets and light switch covers were cute! There were squirrel coat hangers on the wall!

Isn't this hedgehog adorable? He was in the bathroom shelves. All the decor was fantastic, but I especially loved this guy. 
I've spent most of my life living in NH, way out in the woods. Sometimes living in the city really gets to me and I crave the peace and quiet of not being surrounded by all the things. I love being in a area where everything is close and easy to get to, but I also miss the trees, the quiet, the birds and animals, and the empty space of living in the woods. This was a much needed getaway and a nice change for a few days.

Lake Arrowheard also had the greatest waffle place! This was probably my best/worst lunch decision ever. A waffle covered in warm apples, raisins, walnuts and cinnamon ice cream. So good!
I don't think I've ever gone on a vacation before where the whole point was just to unwind. Normally if I go on a trip, there is always something I'm planning on seeing or doing and I'm just go, go, go the whole time. This was a really fun change and a much needed bit of relaxing and getting away from it all. 
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