Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 16

Weekly doodle round up! Not my best week of doodles. I did most of my doodles ahead of time so I wouldn't get behind during Wondercon and our little mini break!

Anyways, Wondercon is over and we're back from our mini-break, both of which were awesome! I'll be talking more about both next week.

cuttlefish doodle
This is doodle day though so on to the doodles!

16. Cuttlefish - Cuttlefish are crazy cute. Which is really weird for me to say. Octopus kind of freak me out and squid really freak me out. They fascinate me but give me the creeps at the same time. But cuttlefish! So cute!

lamb doodle

17. Lamb - Murray the Sheep doodle. Supposed to be a lamb, but sheep is close enough right?

red panda doodle

18. Red Panda - Bunch of red panda doodles. I couldn't get any of them quite right. Even my doodle of Xelpho is a little wonky.

anklyosaurus doodle

19. Ankylosaurus - Really quick doodle of  Delia the Anklyosaurus.

rat terrier doodle

20. Rat Terrier- I didn't really know what a rat terrier looked like before doing this doodle. They're so cute!

Kitsune doodle

21. Kitsune- All the tails! This one was fun.

Ulysses Butterfly doodle

22. Ulysses Butterfly - These butterflies are so pretty! My cartoon version doesn't do them any justice.
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