Daily Zoodle - Monthly Animal Doodle Challenge

bird doodlebat doodle

For the last month I've been participating in the #animaldoodleaday challenge. You may have seen my weekly round up of doodles.

I'm always telling myself I should draw more, but I never do. I never know what to draw. I always put too much pressure on myself and take all the fun out of it. The idea of a month of animal doodles seemed perfect for getting myself to draw more. It was! I kept up with the challenge all month.

January is just about over.  I didn't make any fancy impressive sketches last month, but for the first time in a long time I had fun drawing. I want to keep that going. I haven't heard anything about the animal doodle challenge continuing into February...so I've decided to start my own!

dailyzoodle February prompts
Make something for the prompt each day, be sure to tag it #dailyzoodle so everyone participating can easily find each others animal doodles, and have fun!
Why #dailyzoodle? Because it combines zoo and doodle and I love made up words. I can't help myself!
So who is joining? What prompt are you most excited for? 
Also if you can spread the word about the #dailyzoodle challenge and prompts that would be super awesome! The more doodles the more fun!
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