Animal Doodle a Day Weekly Round Up

I always tell myself I should draw more. I used to love drawing! Now it is always something I have a hard time motivating myself to do. I always put too much pressure on myself and never end up doing any drawing. I have so many sad mostly empty sketch books.

That's why I'm participating in the animal doodle a day challenge. It seems like a super fun way to get myself to do some doodles every day and the animal theme is perfect. I can doodle new ideas for Squshies! By focusing on Squshies doodles, I put less pressure on myself to have perfect beautiful drawings, but I'm still drawing and having fun.

So here's my first week of doodles!
penguin doodlepenguin sketches
1. Penguins - Here are some penguin doodles. We had penguins in the shop in the very beginning but I've been meaning to redesign them for a long time. So here are some possible penguin designs.
lion doodle
2. Lion - A quick doodle of Oscar the lion dressed up to go some where.
sloth bear doodles
3. Bear- For the bear prompt I decided to doodle a bear I haven't made before so I did some quick sloth bear sketches.
pig doodle
4. Pig - I was going to just draw Sir Francis then I decided maybe Sir Francis needed a makeover. So a here's a possible updated Squshies pig and an a poorly doodled version of how he currently looks.
mouse doodle

5. Mouse - Mouse in a tea cup doodle. I've got a mouse design hopeuflly hitting the shops later this year.

unicorn doodleunicorn doodle
6. Unicorn - Unicorns are one of the most requested critters I get so it’s kind of crazy I don’t have one. Of course that means I feel like the unicorn has to be extra awesome. This one will continue to be a sketch for a while although I do kinda of like the chubby one.
koala doodle
7. Koala - I did a doodle of Phoebe the Koala today. I was going for her all dressed up to do science in her lab coat and goggles but I added color. Now she's more like disco koala than science koala.

If you would like to participate in animal doodle a day you can find all the  prompts here.
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