Planning and Prepping

We have our first show in November and it is quite a big one. I'm scared. I'm nervous. I'm excited.  I can't wait for it to start. I wish it was further away. I'm just one big mix of emotions! 
felt animals
In the hopes of feeling more prepared for both the show and the holidays I've been making extras of everything. As you can see from above, I've got tons of sandwich baggies packed full of almost finished felt animals. There is still quite a bit of sewing involved for each. They need ribbons, to be sewn all around the head and body, be stuffed and have heads attached. But all the little bits are done! Altogether I've got about 150 almost done critters.
felt animal pieces
I want to make sure I have a  few of every critter for the holiday season and I don't want to have to close the shops for the weekend of the show. I'm probably over doing it. Over preparing is better than under right? Above is all theanimals I cut out over the last few days. Plastic sandwich bags are super handy for controlling all kinds of little felt pieces.
felt animal pieces
This bag is full of the critters I've cut out but haven't done any sewing on. About 70. Quite a lot of sewing in my future to meet my crazy goals!  I work best under pressure so I think a crazy goal is best for me. Without a goal, I tend to flounder and get very little done. 
We've also started planning our booth for the show. I think we've finally found an idea we like. The last few days we've poked at the idea and it is still is holding up. Every  other idea we've had so far we've discarded after a few days because we didn't like it anymore. This new idea feels good and we're trying to throughly plan it out before we tackle making it happen.   
christmas in july ad
Also before I run off to tackle my sewing list of doom, I wanted to remind everyone there is still time to take advantage of our Christmas in July Sale!
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