New Craft Supplies!

sleeping cat
It has been pretty hot here this past week in Southern California.  I think Hazel is doing a good job of summing up how we've been feeling. It is really hard to motivate yourself to do much when you want to exert as little energy as possible.
fabric quarters
To take a break from the heat and escape to wonderful air conditioning we took a craft store trip. Lots of good sales and coupons this week and I wanted to get a few new fabrics for an idea I've been bouncing around. I got some more of the bubble fabric too because it is great for so many critters, and I just used the last of it up.
ribbon spoolsfelt sheets
I also grabbed a few ribbon colors I was missing and a sheet each of some new felt colors! New felt colors! The picture isn't doing the colors much justice but we've got a lilac purple, an orange/red, and a bubble gum pink. I've seen on the website for the Rainbow Classicfelt that a few other new colors are coming, but I've yet to find them in stores. I'm excited about the new colors, but also sad to see some or the new colors will be replacing some of my old favorites.
bolt of felt
Speaking of favorite felt colors, I finally cut into the bolt of smoke felt I bought right after the holiday season. This is one of my favorite felt colors, but I can only ever find it in 9x12 sheets at the store. I was constantly running out and many trips to the store left me empty handed. I don't think I'll be running out any time soon.
embroidery hoopsembroidery hoop box
I hate running out of supplies when I'm trying to work on something and I have a hard time resisting awesome coupons so I have a tendency to overdo my supply shopping. This is extra true when I encounter a supply I have a hard time finding, like my favorite sizes in embroidery hoops. For weeks I couldn't find any or only in huge or tiny sizes. As you can see, once I found my favorite size I went crazy! At least now I have a good use for that Trader Joe's Peach box I've been holding on to. I knew it would be useful.
 wall-e desk toyanimal print paper
This weekend I also acquired a new toy for my desk and some new animal print papers to use as backgrounds in Squshie photo shoots! I've been getting a little tired of using the same few colors and patterns over and over. 
felt pieces
Before I start any new projects, this week I've got a bunch of half finished, almost done and barely started projects to tackle. Normally I'm pretty good about finishing the sewing on projects but when I was reorganizing last night I realized I've accumulated quite the pile of things that need finishing.
tabby catsleepy cat
And have some  more Hazel because she was being super cute.
What craft supplies do you have trouble resisting? Any supplies you have a ridiculous amount of? 
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