San Diego Zoo - Anniversary Trip

feeding a Binturong
We spent the last few days at the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary. We got married at the Safari park so it seemed like the perfect place to celebrate. We also love any reason for a weekend at the zoo.
warthogup close hippo
secretary birdred panda
We spent 2 days at the zoo this time and 1 day at the safari park. Luckily the first day we were there was also the first day of  Nighttime Zoo.
I love Nighttime Zoo. Instead of closing at 5 or 6 the zoo is open until 9. The later it gets, the less crowded the zoo is and as the sun goes down a lot of animals that you normally only see napping are up and about. 
san diego zoo baby panda
We go to the San Diego Zoo every few months but this was the first time we got to see the baby panda. So cute!  You can read about some of our previous zoo trips by just clicking on the link.
san diego zoo rhino feedingrhino
Since this was a special occasion we celebrated by doing the zoo's Backstage Pass Tour. Super fun! We both got to pet and feed a rhino! This is something I've been wanting to do since I found out it was something you could do!
wolfclouded leopard
We also got to see a wolf and 3 different clouded leopards from super close. Seriously close. Almost within arm's reach.
san diego zoo cheetahsan diego zoo serval
We got to take our picture with a cheetah and a serval.
meeting a kangaoobinturong
We also got to feed and pet a kangaroo and if you remember the picture at the top of the post, a binturong. The binturong is another animal I've super wanted to meet ever since I found out it was something you can do at the zoo. I was so excited when they brought her out.  If you are ever at the San Diego Zoo the Backstage pass is a really amazing experience.
The next day was at the Safari Park. After 2 days of walking in the sun we were moving pretty slow. We always go to the Safari Park on our last day, since it is on the way home.
Next time we're going to switch it up so we have more energy for our visit and so we actually have batteries left in our cameras.
sleeping bear
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