Week in Review

Week in Review time already? This week went fast!
needle felted dinosaur

felt dinosaur ornamentfelt woodland ornament
needled felted lieopleurodonfelt t-rex sculpture
I just updated the Meet the Squshies page with all the newest additions. We've got  Savannah the Pteranodon, Errol the Pternaodon, Neville the Mole, Finnegan the Liopleurodon, and Ludwig the T-Rex. 

This week not only went fast, but it also went by with out any pictures. It wasn't a good week for pictures. I spent some time working on custom orders. I don't like to show off custom work until it arrives at its destinations so no pictures for that yet.

I also worked on figuring out shipping for the wall art hoops. Lots of me scribbling down numbers and hair pulling. Especially when looking at the new international rates. Good news is I think I've finished that so hoops available soon!

Also to get wall art hoops ready for the shop that meant a proper photo shoot day. Somehow that morphed into a take apart and re-set up the work room day. Hoops didn't work so well in our old photo box set up. They barely fit in the box and the light was off. We realized a shelf right next to the photo box might work better. Success! We now have a better, more effective, and more versatile photo set up. Plus a reorganized work room since that shelf full of stuff needed a new home.

squshies sneak peek
We also have another sneak peek of one of our 2 secret projects! This project is a collaboration with a friend. We got together this weekend to work on some editing and revisions on this secret project. What do you think it could be? 
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