Happy First Birthday Squshies! - A Year of Felt Animals

Happy 1st Birthday Beauregard and Reginald !!!
It is hard to believe, but the Squshies are officially 1 year old!  Beauregard made his debut March 8th, 2011 and Reginald made his March 11th, 2011.  Happy Birthday Beauregard and Reginald!!!
We officially opened the Esty shop in November of 2011. For the first few months we had no idea what we were doing With the release of these 2 critters we were finally starting to get the hang of things and found direction for the Squshies. That's why we consider  Beauregard and Reginald to be the official start of  the Squshies. And what a year it has been! 
After introducing Beauregard and Reginald we've introduced 60 other Squshies! You can see them all and read their stories in the shop.
felt tiger ornamentfelt woodland ornament
The most adopted Squshie of the year was a tie between Kiki the Tiger and Matilda the Raccoon
felt safari animal
Beauregard the Hippo has the honor of being the very first Squshie to find a home that wasn't with a close friend or family member. He also is the most hearted Squshie on Etsy!
felt dog ornamentfelt dachshund
Mitzi and Ralph the Dachshunds have the honor of being the very 1st Squshies to go international!  Squshies are now in 4 countries, counting the United States. Speaking of the United States...Squshies are in 30 of the 50 states!!!
In July we opened our 2nd Squshie shop on Storenvy. In August we launched our website. In January we improved and relaunched the website which is what you see now.
In December we hit what Etsy considered our 100th sale! Over 200 Squshies are out in about in the world.
bulldog ornamentfelt dog ornament

The dog ornaments were the biggest release of Squshies at one time!  They were released to celebrate National Dog Week and Squshies were featured  for the very first time on Lu and Ed's Blog! The felt dog ornaments were also featured on Dog Milk and the Ottawa Dog Blog over the holidays.
Marella Clark Designs wrote a lovely blog post about the Squshies and they were also featured on Cute is Cute. We were lucky enough to be included in the Life With Lovebugs 2012 Holiday Gift Guide  and were honored on multiple occasions to be one of the most viewed items during the weekly Handmade Connection.
We were also honored to make it to the top 10 of Handmade Shop Contest hosted by The Dreamy Meadow and A Dose of Paige.

felt cat ornament
We participated in our very first giveaway in October. Lu and Ed hosted the awesome Spooktacular Giveaway where Vlad the Cat was one of the prizes. 
To show our thanks we are holding 5 different giveaways! 
squshies birthday banner
Beauregard and Reginald's have their Birthday Giveaway Trivia Challenge where you can with both a Beauregard and Reginald Ornament. Each correct trivia answer is a entry in the raffle and questions are added daily!
triceratops contestsea lion contest
goat contestplatypus contest
Each of the Squshies pictured above is up for grabs in their very own contests! Each critters has a small task. Whoever completes the task best wins the critter! Click to learn the details of 4 giveaways happening!
sale banner
Last but not least, we are having a sale to celebrate! Save 15% on any in stock Squshie purchase from  Beauregard Birthday on debut March 8th, 2011 through Reginald's Birthday on  March 11th, 2011.
Use Coupon Code HAPPYBDAY at checkout to save 15% 
All in all it has been a super exciting year! We couldn't have made it this far with out all your support and kind words. Thanks everyone so much for over this last year. It has been amazing! Here's hoping for an even  more awesome year 2!
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