Week of Squshies

Time for another week of Squshie making. I didn't get as much done this week because we to the San Diego Zoo! I love the San Diego Zoo and it was a much needed break. I'll save that for another blog post. I've got lots of pictures =)
felt dinosaur ornament
needle felted dinosaurfelt dinosaur
First up the shop has been updated with Ophelia the Apatoasurus, Terence the Triceratops and Agnes the Dimetrodon. Click on their names and it will take you to their page and story.
felt wombat faces 
The week started off with Harold the Wombat.  This is Harold right after he got his whiskers put on.
felt dog facesfelt noses
Next I worked on Sammy the Akita.  He looks a bit creepy without pupils. Then it was time for Mervyn the Sea Lion. He's has a ridiculous tiny nose. Definitely the smallest nose of any of the Squshies.
  felt ornament pieces
Xelpho the Red Panda was the next critter up for sewing! Here are all of  her pieces laid out on my little portable work table, although it is a bit hard to see the black felt on the black table. She is another reason I got less sewing done this week. Xelpho is one of the most time consuming Squshies.
cut felt pieces

I finished the week off with a whole lot of cutting. I think I cut more Squshies yesterday than I have ever cut before. On the table there are 3 rhinos, 4 squirrels, 2 great horned owls, 4 black Dachshunds, 2 pandas, 3 skunks, and 5 black bears. That was my cutting goal for yesterday. I'm usually totally done with cutting by the time I reach my goal, if I even do, but yesterday I felt pretty good so I kept going. After I took this picture I cut out 2 snowy owls, 4 St. Bernards, 2 barn owls, and 3 meerkats. Altogether 34 critters!

box of felt scraps
Last week I showed off my Rapunzel doll and felt scraps. The doll came in a really nice box that is covered in wonderful sketches. I kept it knowing I'd eventually find a use for it. Yesterday I almost filled the box with all the scraps that are too small to use.  This is not a small box. I have a lot of tiny felt scraps. Luckily the scraps are great for using to stuff things that I knit.
And to finish this off a pictures of Hazel being cute.
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