Felt Reindeer and Felt Dogs!

Its getting closer and closer to Christmas. Hard to believe.  I feel like this year has barely started and its already almost over. Since its getting close to Christmas that also means time for Reindeer ornaments!
felt animal reindeer ornamentreindeer tree ornament

Above we have Blitzen and Comet. As the reindeer were some of the very first felt critters made they got a bit of an update this year. They fit in better with the rest of the Squshies now. 
Also coming just in time for the holidays...Felt Dog Ornaments! Off and on for months I've been working on dog designs. National Dog week this year is  September 24-30 and that seemed like a perfect time to start releasing the dog ornaments!
felt dog tree ornamentfelt animal dog ornament
Here we have  Suzie the Chocolate Lab, and Mitzi the Dachshund.  We've got a bunch more breeds coming!

There will  probably be quite a few breeds that we have planned that won't be available right away, but they'll continue to be added to the collection over the coming weeks. 
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