Elephant Seal and Raccoon Felt Animal Ornaments

First up today is Titus the Elephant Seal.  I think Elephant Seals are pretty cute and an animal that doesn't get much love and attention.  
felt animal ornament elephant seal
Titus is an EMT and well known as the most crazy driver on the Pacific Coast. His concern with getting his patients to the ER as fast as possible has led him to develop a recklessly fast driving style. Titus has been written up many time for his various traffic infractions but he feels it is worth it. He has never lost a patient nor caused a accident. He always has the best intentions to be less crazy when he drives, but once he gets a patient, all he can think is get them to help fast!
Some think he is just lucky and should be more careful. Others think he should consider a career in stunt car or race car driving. Titus loves his job and helping other. He would never consider giving it up for fame or fortune. 
Next up is the first of the woodland animal Squshies I've been working on.  I'm really happy with how this critter turned out =)
felt animal raccoon squshies
Matilda the Raccoon
Matilda is better known as Tilly. It's what all her friends and family call her. She's also known as the biggest fan of waffles ever. Tilly loves waffles. She would eat them everyday and for every meal if her mom would let her. Of course her mom doesn't let that happen.
Tilly's favorite kind of waffles are Belgian waffles. Nothing is better than a nice hot Belgian waffle piled high with whip cream and strawberries. There isn't a waffle maker at home though so she can only get them when her family goes out to eat. Unfortunately her family isn't big on breakfast. They like to go to dinner buffets or out for pizza. What's wrong with breakfast for dinner once in a while? Tilly dreams of the day when she's a grown up and can eat Belgian waffles all the time. In fact one day she thinks she'll even take a trip to Belgium to eat waffles there.
Titus and Matilda are available with the other felt animal ornaments in the Etsy shop. 
Also don't forget to check out the Squshies Facebook page for interesting animal facts and a chance to guess the next Squshie!
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