Origami Week19

Another week. Another origami pile. Small one this time.
Jason made some experimental guys on the left in attempts to create more new dinosaur diagrams. They still need some more experimenting.  Also some more Brontos and a compy.
He also made this Triceratops from a diagram that he found. It looks cool but its pretty complicated and takes a lot longer to fold than the one he made up himself.
Christina helped me fold some petals this week too. Actually she did almost all of these.
I finally started working on the first attempt at the bouquet. It actually ends up being a 2 person job. One person glues the petals into sets of 2 with regular glue. The other person takes the sets and glues them to the dowel with hot glue. Could do it on your own, but so much faster with help. The regular glue just didn't work well for gluing to the dowel.  When we started stabbing the flowers into the foam all were nicely glued together, except for the one we used regular glue on. 
The wine bottle holder is just to keep it standing up nice so it doesn't get destroyed.
Here's a close up.
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