Felt Animal Gifts - Cats! Kitty Cats! And they meow, meow, meow...

Cats! I love cats. I also know lots of cats people. So I made Squshie versions of cats that belong to some friends and family for Christmas. They looked so cute together in their group photo shoot! Below the group pictures is better images of each cat individually.
felt cats
felt cat
This is Buford.
Buford is big sweetheart. He loves snuggling and playing, especially with pieces of fleece. Sometimes he'll take a nap right on top of a toy just so he'll be ready in case anyone wants to play. He also thinks riding around on people's shoulders is the best thing ever.
felt cat
This is Fred.
Fred is a really pretty cat...that is if you ever see him. He's a bit of a nervous fellow and spends a lot of his time hiding in the deepest darkest hidey hole he can find. Especially when people he doesn't know extremely well are around. 
Felt animal
This is Booger.
Booger is a huge cat. Except for his head. He has a ridiculously itty bitty head for his big ol' body. He is also crazy and often runs around the house arguing with himself.
felt animal
This is Tas.
Tas used to be lowest on the totem pole of cats in the house. But after her recent move to California she's managed to work her way up to top cat. She likes being in charge of the boys (Buford and Fred). 
felt cat
This is Hazel.
Hazel is my cat, but also a gift for my grandfather. Of all the cats that have ever stayed at his house Hazel is by far his favorite.
Hazel is Queen of the Universe. Or at least that's what she thinks and she'll be sure to tell you. She also loves eating. Seriously this cat eats just about everything. Cinnamon flavored candy, toothpaste and cinnamon toothpaste are the only things I've seen her turn her nose up at.
I've also been toying with the idea of making a larger size Squshie.  Since I'm sad to be sending little Hazel away, I tested a big Squshie by making a big Hazel for myself. 
felt cats
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