Santa's Reindeer Support Team Squshies

When making the last bunch of reindeer we made prototypes with the felt we had left over from past projects.  The tests turned out really cute and festive since it happened  to be that the 3 colors we had were brown, red and green. Everyone who saw the tests thought the holiday colors were great, so festive reindeer were made!
Meet Santa's Reindeer Support Team (they can't all make the sleigh team). 
They are made of  of Eco-Fi felt in walnut brown, kelly green and ruby red. They are completely hand stitched with polyester thread, with a ribbon to secure them to a tree or gift.  Each reindeer is highly trained specialist dedicated to making sure the big night goes perfectly. 
 This is Yule, the weatherman. He is a doctorate level meteorologist; he's in charge of weather forecasting for the big flight.
This is Tinsel, the stylist. He makes sure every hoof, harness, and bell shines, and no reindeer has a hair out of place. Any sloppiness is severely punished. 
 This is Holly, the counselor. She works with Jolly, the motivational specialist, to keep team morale up. Her psychiatric help has nearly cured Rudolph of his inferiority complex. 
This is Jolly, the motivator.  Along with his partner Holly, the counselor, he keeps team morale up. He whips the team into a frenzy before the flight, and has the worlds largest collection of motivational cat posters.
This is Nog, the nutritionist. He's in charge of diet and exercise.  He makes sure the Sleigh team doesn't follow Santa's example.
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