Origami Week 2

Another week of origami!
I learned how to do the lily this week.  Spent a lot of time practicing on ugly gray and brown paper until I finally got the hang of it and could fold it completely on my own. But I finally got the hang of it and leveled up in my origami and started making them with the fancy pattern origami paper.
Jason tried out the lotus this week on scrap, tiny origami paper and the soft art paper.  Unfortunately the paper tears real easy in the folding process so it works best with the soft paper. This was the last of the soft paper.
I also learned how to make the crane this week. Jason gave making a crane with the tiny origami paper a try. 
And he made a fancier lily and some tiny ones.  
A peacock , a pony and a dragon. 
A large zebra and silver foil  Procompsognathus.
A different T-Rex, and diplodocus I think. The white one is an experiment in trying to make the standard crane more like a dinosaur. 
 A T-Rex with the  scrap book paper. 
Some Parasaurolophus. I think these ones are so cute.  
And I made another pile of petals. Made some big ones and started making some smaller ones this week too.
And we have a special origami contribution this week! Last week we were doing some folding at dinner. It inspired Ally to give origami a try herself and she made us this lovely hand colored origami bird! Pretty awesome for a first try and for only being 2 =)
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