The Forever Blanket

I stared learning to knit a little somewhere in 2008. One of the first projects I tried to knit was a blanket for my sister. She had bought this really pretty red boucle yarn that gradually changed from bright red to a dark dark red back to bright. She knows how to crochet, but the yarn was really hard to work with and seemed like it would be easier to knit with. So I said I'd make her a blanket out of the yarn. This was sometime probably late summer of 2008.

I just finished it yesterday.

Its kinda of a disaster. After I hit about panel 4 out of 6 I realized it wasn't going well.

The yarn changes colors in weird spots, the panels are all different lengths because I never thought to count rows. On one panel the decreases and increase change directions at one point. Once I realized it wasn't turning out right I lost a lot of interest in it and worked on it less and less often. I tend to be a perfectionist and scrap things because they aren't turning out right. I'm especially awful about this when it comes to knitting.

But I finished it! I didn't tear it up and call it quits. And though its far from perfect it is done. I learned how to increase and decrease on this project and got a lot of practice doing a basic knit stitch and working with a more difficult yarn. At the very least it is a blanket and hopefully it will be snuggly and soft and warm. Although I still kind of wish a little bit that my sister would have gone for the idea of 6 individual scarves. I guess no one really has a use for 6 similar red scarves.
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